May 27, 2024

How to hire the best interstate car carriers in Australia?

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Are you relocating across state lines and wondering how to hire interstate car carriers for your prized possession? Worry no more! We will guide you on how to transport your precious automobiles from one Australian state to another. This blog will walk you through the intricacies of car carrying in Australia and how you can find the best services at economical rates. 


Take your time to choose interstate car carriers for your beloved vehicle

Carrying your vehicles is a challenging task. Entrusting your prized possession to some interstate car carriers can be risky. On the other hand, Australia’s Vast landscape, and tough terrain do not allow one to drive their vehicle themselves. In this situation of dilemma, you need to take a deep breath and make a wise decision. That wise decision is, searching for good companies and entrusting your vehicle to that worthy car hauler. 


Is hiring an interstate car hauler easy?

Yes, it is! When you have us with you. Let’s guide you with all the vehicle carrying tips and tricks you need. Follow these simple tricks and you will easily hire the best car carrying trailers in Australia. 


Research for the interstate car carrying companies

The first step towards smooth and efficient transit is research for interstate car transport companies. Know about the company before entrusting your vehicle to them. Make sure the company comes with experience, is expert, and knows how to handle your vehicle with ultimate care and safety. Also, check if the company is legally licensed. 


Contact the company and request the quote

After you have done your research, contact the company you’ve chosen and request a free car hauling quote. They will ask you for some information related to your car’s make and model, the pickup and transit locations, and the schedule. After you provide them with all this information, they will promptly send you a transit quote. Good companies like Emu Car Carriers provide their customers with free of cost quotes. 


Book your shipment:

The quote provides you with the estimation of transit charges and the schedule. In-case you do not agree with the charges or anything else, let the company know and negotiate with them. Good transit companies take care of customer’s requirements. After you agree with the quote, let them know and they will book your shipment. We recommend you to be flexible about the schedule. 


Prepare your car for interstate transportation

Preparing your car for interstate transportation is easy but essential. It is important to make your vehicle ready before you send it on a long journey. Follow these steps and get your car ready for its journey. 


  • Clean it thoroughly and secure all the loose parts.

  • Remove all the belongings from inside its body. 

  • If you direly need to put something in, wrap it completely and let the company know. 

  • Check for the optimal air pressure in its tires.

  • Inspect the fuel tank, drain it, or keep it to a minimum. 

  • Avoid keeping anything near the screens. It may cause damage.

  • Lock the car and give a spare set of keys to the driver. 


Loading of your vehicle

On the assigned date, their driver will knock at your door and ask your permission to load the vehicle. Transit companies like Emu come with sophisticated and modern technology. Their trailers are finely equipped with state-of-the-art technology to load and unload the automobiles with ultimate care and attention. 


Tracking your vehicle’s location

After your vehicle leaves your home, it’s your responsibility to know about its safety. Track your vehicle’s location and ask their customer care team about its location and status. Their customer support team will provide you with the information regarding your vehicle’s current status within no time. 


Receiving your automobile

On the assigned delivery date, the drivers will reach your doorstep. In case you have selected some depot, they will convey your car to that depot. Due to some technical issues, your automobile may get a little late so don’t worry about it. You must ensure your presence at the time of the vehicle’s dropoff. This will save you and the driver from many inconveniences. Inspect your vehicle thoroughly and sign the papers.


Leave a nice review for the interstate car carriers

Conveying your car safely to the destination you select is the responsibility of the car movers. Similarly, if you like their services, it is your turn to show some responsibility and leave a positive review on their online page. Your reviews matter for the reputation of the company. Each single compliment you give, allows them to increase their efficiency and devise their future policies accordingly.


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